Monday, December 6, 2010

My first grandson's first day

My Gal Friday and I were sitting here discussing possibilities for Christmas and New Years.  Trying to decide on gifts for my four grandchildren, I drifted off into reverie. (I drift off quite often these days.) I recalled the day my first grandson, Andrew Edward (Drew)  was born.  My oldest daughter, Dani, had earlier medical problems and everyone experienced tremendous anxiety regarding the birth of Drew.  But God granted us a most wonderful blessing and Drew was delivered unscathed.

Dani wanted to give birth on my birthday, but the the Ultimate Power had other plans and the baby came into our world a week later.  This is probably a good thing because I know he would always get more birthday attention than me...he's much cuter and nicer too.

Being a normal (I better tread lightly here cause nobody else ever referred to me as normal) grandfather, I think Dani's two sons, Drew and Josh, and my younger daughter Kristy's two girls, Maddie and Elena are all the best grandkids ever.  However, at that particular time, I was dwelling on Drew.

Drew is a smart, handsome, athletic, well mannered and compassionate kid who possesses a great sence of humor.  He is pretty much the complete opposite of me, for which the rest of the world celebrates.  My daughter and son-in-law diligently try to block my attempts to be near the boy in hopes of my not influencing him in any way.  They are too late.  You see when my wife died years ago, Dani took me in and I had daily interaction with Josh and Drew.  I'm not saying I warped thes kids, but my daughter might.  My negative influence surfaced on Thanksgiving Day when Drew was four years old.  Dani had prepared a sumptuous feast for twenty some and asked me to draft and deliver a special blessing in poem form.  I composed a beautiful (my opinion only) melodic verse regarding a sincere thankfulness for family and friends, as well as the food.  As I spoke in my best oratorial tone, everyone pretended to give their utmost attention.  I felt I had captured the audience like E.F. Hutton.  As I flooded the room with my resplendent poetry, a serene quiet wafted throughout and by the time I finished, a peaceful silence was all to be heard.  I didn't know if my words really proved to be some kind of an epiphany or they just put everyone to sleep.

This reverent hush was suddenly broken by four year old Drew shouting, "Hey everyone, let's sing the Fireman's Band."  The "Fireman's Band" is a drinking song I taught the boys.  Back in the early 70's I began a family tradition....when drunken friends and family gather, we tune up and call people in the wee morning hours to wake them to the slurring sounds of this lyrical ballad.  Well, I thought Drew's suggestion a hoot, but my daughter did not share my amusement.  I was sent to the children's table and served cold turkey.

But, as usual, I digress.  Let's get back to Drew's first day.  Here is a poem I composed for him right after I first layed eyes on this beautiful baby.  When he's older, it may mean something.

Excitement, joy, love and a little fear too
Were present and eager to greet baby Drew
Mom and Dad, of course, were as proud as can be
Their souls bursting forth with unbridled glee

Your three Grandmas were there with kisses and coos
Couldn’t wait to see friends and spread the good news
They all tenderly held you with both pride and care
With a wellspring of love they wanted to share

Uncle Dave and Aunt Kristy had come a long way
To share in the happiness of your very first day
Your Uncle Dave was elated and envious some
Cause you were a reminder of things yet to come

Aunt Kristy was ecstatic and tears of joy
Trickled down her cheeks for her sister’s boy
She harbored fears about your Mom’s possible grief
So some of these tears were cries of relief.

You see Mom had suffered past losses before
So you were extra special and meant even more
To all of us there in that hospital room
You symbolized bright promise, not future gloom

When I entered the room, and to my daughter’s side
She was holding you and an aura of pride
Surrounded you both, it was amazing to see
Then she softly whispered “Oh look Daddy”

I bent to kiss her your hand touched my face
Your fingers so long and full of new grace
My lips touched hers and you gently touched me
The circle of love began for us three.

The love for my daughter flowed through to you
And I know you experienced that feeling too
Cause when I kissed her with you at her side
Your little lips smiled and your eyes opened wide

Here is my solemn promise to Drew
From heaven or earth, I’ll always love you
And every time Mommy reads you this part
My love for you will be felt in your heart

Grandpa Conte….4/23/2002

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  1. Hmmm cold turkey, eh? Perhaps Cold Duck would've been more appropriate !!!

    Nice thoughts , tho'

    charlie m