Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

Well, here we are...the end of another year, and what a year.  For me, this one was a beauty cause I'm still on the top side of the turf; I didn't get caught in any major lies and I didn't spend any time behind bars -  prison bars that is.  I did enjoy a few hours seated in front of some other bars, but far less time than years gone by.

It's really a time for me to be ever so thankful for all my blessings.  Both my daughters and their families are relatively healthy and doing well.  Most of my friends are still coherent and mobile.  The ones who fail to qualify in the coherent category don't realize it and are blissfully happy in their own little universe where days are always sunny and woes are not to be experienced.  Not a bad deal and I think I'm subconsciously headin' thataway.  Some say I'm on the fast track.  Gal Friday has my insurance man's number on speed dial.  

Gal Friday still loves me regardless of, well, so many things.  Just about everyone who knows me questions why she continues to love and stick with me, but I know and I ain"t atellin'.  We help push each other to do better things.  I admit she has to push a lot harder.

It would take the rest of my life to count my blessings, but suffice it to say, God has been overly generous with me and last year was no different.  Like everyone, I could find something to moan about, but my complaints are insignificant compared to the important things like family, friends, fill in the blanks.  

To all - HAPPY NEW YEAR and may 2011 bring you health, joy and peace.

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