Monday, January 3, 2011

Will and Lou

Gal Friday and I were blessed with a weekend visit from our cherished friends, Will and Lou.  That sounds like a vaudeville act, but they are far from it.  This couple epitomizes all the good characteristics and principles taught me by my hopeful parents.  If mom and dad were with us today, they would point to this pair and say, "This, son, is what we were talking about."  Then they would give me the once-over and throw their hands up in hopeless despair.

So I didn't turn out to be the pride of my parents--so what?  Every boy in America can't become President.  All us kids didn't turn out to be overachievers who changed the world like Gandhi or Susan B. Anthony.  It's declared that all men are born equal, but we all know that's about as true as Gal Friday not able to see any of my faults.  I don't look like Brad Pitt or have the innate intelligence of Albert Einstein; my SAT scores proved that.  I don't possess the natural athletic abilities of Brett Favre though I have noticed, when I talk with my friends, the older we get, the better we were.  It won't take too many more years before we all were more talented than poor ole Brett.  If things continue down this same path, it won't be long before I'll believe I could have taken the gold at the any sport I chose.  Move over Jim Thorpe.

My parents prayed for me to be a shining conglomeration of all the aforementioned, with the exception of Susie...well, maybe even her.  I did wear hand-me-downs, which in itself isn't so bad, but unfortunately, I had older sisters.

OK, so I turned out a few waves short of an ocean, but who didn't.  Nobody is perfect, at least no one I've come in contact with.  There are some "standout" people I've met, but not the complete package parents wish for.  Most parents expect too much of their first-born and beyond...and then are a wee disappointed when their little ones don't grow quite into their expectations.  And if their children do attain this lofty goal, they marry beneath their status.  You just can't win.

I've been fortunate to meet many "standout" personalities in a number of different fields.  Contemplating this subject, the recognition of Will's and Lou's contributions immediately jump into my thoughts.  You won't find them on any "hot stuff" radar screen.  They are not listed on Forbes' top ten or in Who's Who.  So why are they so special you may wonder?  Glad you asked.  They are loving. caring and low-key people who truly make a positive difference in so many lives.  These two give their hearts, time and money to helping others in need.

I've never met two people so committed to the Good Samaritan theory of life.  They volunteer whenever called upon or see a need to be fulfilled.  They'd make Mother Teresa blush.  Since meeting them about 12 years ago, I've witnessed many of their extraordinary actions and can honestly say their outpouring to family, friends and community needs equals that of many charitable organizations.  

I considered listing all the good deeds I've seen them enact since I've known them, but time, computer space and my fading memory fail me.  Did I mention fading memory?  Two things I'm certain of...the first is they are wonderful friends and two--I know their parents are looking down on them with satisfied smiles.

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