Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl

After two weeks of intense build-up the big day arrived. For Green Bay fans, Sunday truly was super, but for the rest of the world, not so -  unless you were wise enough to bet on the Packers.  It also was a good day in our house because Gal Friday (GF) won $50 on a football pool.

We hosted a small Super Bowl party - small because our temporary quarters confine us to limited numbers at our gatherings.  GF can't wait for our new house in NC to be built so she, once again, can host any number of celebrations with lavish dishes of tasty foods, inventive party decor, special festive drinks to match the theme and for thousands of family, friends and neighbors.  OK, maybe thousands is a little of an exaggeration, but if we could afford it, she'd invite the county.  Our little party consisted of three other couples and  two singles, but it revealed many interesting changes in our lifestyles.

First of all, I want you to know I did help in the preparation of the goodies. GF spent a few days prior to the big day cooking and baking such items as empañaditas, sweet and spicy meatballs, chili, corn muffins, marinated vegetable salad, butterscotch biscotti and fruity chocolate clusters. I'm sure I missed something, but you get the idea. She also made and hung all kinds of posters and other Steelers and Packers regalia around the villa. (Our temporary quarters is a duplex, but now renamed as a villa by the local realtors. It sounds so much more sophisticated and consequently they can rent or sell it at a higher price.)

Of course GF had to have a placard explaining what each dish contained and this is where my talent and effort came into play. No, I didn't create these computer-generated name cards, but I did remember where the holders for the placards were stored away. I also helped make out the beer and wine lists. After these gigantic efforts, I took my well-deserved nap.

Back in the old days - I sound like my father - a Super Bowl party, like all the others, consisted of a keg of beer and whatever munchies I could afford with the money left over from the main purchase - the beer. The dining experience usually included potato chips and pretzels. As I grew older, my first wife tried to convince me keg parties were childish so I submitted to her will and instead of kegs, I bought cases of beer. To display my maturity to my wife, I added nacho chips and salsa to the menu. Usually by the end of the game, the keg or cases were empty and the furniture and carpet were strewn with broken pretzels, chips and spots of salsa. The guys would go out for more beer and the party wouldn't break up until the sun rose over the horizon. The hardcore were around for lunch.

Times have changed. Last night the "hangers on" left at 11:15 PM, not AM the following day. The beer consumption equaled, not two cases, but two cans. Two empty wine bottles reared their ugly heads - white wine at that. Trash day after one of my parties was one of my proudest moments. Garbage cans bulging with empty beer cans, booze bottles and maybe a red wine bottle or two would jam the traffic on my street. The garbage men would brag about the "party animal" on their route; I was a local hero on the garbage truck circuit. But now, two white wine bottles and two beer cans; I can't look the waste management guys in the eye. They now eyeball me with sneers of disappointment, even disgust. I feel like a whipped dog cowering with my tail between my hind legs.

When everyone left last night, not early this morning, but not that late last night, GF didn't even have to run the vacuum cleaner much less scrape the floors with a putty knife or wash salsa off the ceiling. The behavior of the onlookers watching the game seemed more like they were viewing a night of chamber music rather than being wild fans of a brutal sporting event. If anyone sneezed, it constituted a vile sin and unlike the old get-togethers, breaking wind was a definite taboo. Even eating chili didn't allow for such an indiscretion.

So what should I conclude from this drastic behavioral swing? Are my newer friends more sophisticated than my old chums? Are they better educated? Is the factor of age a direct effect? Medical conditions and pharmaceuticals may be contributing factors. There are a lot of considerations involved to come to any positive conclusions and I'm not the person to digest all the ramifications and draw the correct determination. One thing is for certain though - I want to revert back to old habits and be a hero to my garbage man again.

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  1. What? You didn't like us screaming at your TV and drinking 2 glasses of wine?