Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back to my blog

Yes, we have returned after a three-week absence.  The time was spent with Gal Friday's ninety-year-old Aunt Helen in Good Samaritan Hospital, West Palm Beach, FL.  We painfully watched Aunt Helen wither in the hospital, transfer to Hospice care and eventually pass away.  It was a very emotional time for Gal Friday and a tough sight to witness.

Aunt Helen was Gal Friday's mother's sister who never had children of her own and consequently treated Gal Friday and her brother Bob like her own offspring.  Bob, who is recovering from a heart attack, was in an automobile accident last month and couldn't make the trip.  This meant our girl drove over 2,300 miles to Florida and back, kept a hospital and Hospice vigil every day, eventually made arrangements with the funeral home, cemetery and rabbi, and then cried through the graveside service.  Next she met with two different lawyers, the condo management, a realtor, and various banks.  She accomplished all of this while still taking great care of me.  You can understand why I call her a work in progress saint.    

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  1. Oh, what an ordeal! I'm so sorry for your loss. And I hope the Bob is recovering well from both the heart attack and the car accident.