Friday, May 13, 2011

Memorial Day

Three stars hung in our window
During the Second World War
I was still too young to know
What these stars were for

I oft stared at this window
I couldn’t stop my gaze
I knew these stars were special
Strange feelings they did raise

Then one day my mom explained
The meaning of the three
I’ll never forget the loving way
She spoke these words to me

The first star is your daddy
He’s sailing on the sea
He had to leave us for a while
To keep our nation free

Brother Bob is the second star
Shrapnel scarred his back
It happened while in Europe
Amidst a plane attack

The third is your brother, Bill
He flies the skies above
His duty is dropping bombs
Safekeeping those he loves

Be proud of these three my son
They had to go and fight
These stars serve our country
To stop our freedom’s flight

In this war for freedom
Some will have to fall
So when you pray for these three stars
Son, pray for warriors all

My age is now called senior
But through all my years
I’ve never forgotten mom’s kind words
As well, her telling tears

Now I see that window empty
Soon to the stars I’ll roam
Brothers, sisters, mom and dad
We’ll all be coming home


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