Saturday, June 4, 2011

Small World

Cruising the neighborhood in my four-wheel drive, turbo charged power chair with dual exhausts, I ran, no...I didn't literally run into this guy, I just met old codger (later discovered his name is Bart and he's younger than me--ugh) walking with the use of a cane.  He had replacement surgery on both knees and one hip.  Since we live near the blue Atlantic, this area is as flat as the sole of a gander's foot.  I kidded this gentleman about walking up and down our monstrous hills and he took it as some form of humor--thank God.

He asked if I recently bought in the neighborhood and I explained we were renting while we built a house in North Carolina.  His response, "Don't know too much about North Carolina, but I lived in South Carolina for awhile and really enjoyed it."

Since I've lived in most southeast states, while staying low and keeping one step ahead of the law, I'm familiar with SC, so I asked him where.  His response, "Salem."

Ed: "No kidding, I use to live just down the road at Keowee Key."

Bart: "Actually, that's where I lived, but the post office is Salem."

Ed (in total amazement): "Holy moly!" Or something like that.

Keowee Key is a beautiful retirement community on Lake Keowee in the most northwest corner of the state, but it's dinky.  If you looked up megalopolis in your Funk and Wagnall, Keowee Key would be the example for its antonym.  I mean you need a magnifying glass to find this place on a map or even driving up the road.  That's why meeting one other human who not only heard of it, but also once resided there was so shocking.

This got me to thinking and those who follow my blog know this is not a good thing.  I began to recall some of the times I ran into people I knew while being far away from where I knew them.  Er...what did I just say?  I meant running into someone in faraway places.  No, that's not quite right either.  How can I best elucidate? ( I looked the word up )  How about seeing someone far from home where you never expect to see them.  This is as clear as mud.  Maybe I'll just give you an example.

While traveling on business in Hong Kong, I met a neighbor from Annapolis, MD.  I hope this clears up this matter.  Can you imagine how shocked we were--especially her because the guy she was clutching onto wasn't her husband.  Can you imagine traveling halfway around the world to have an affair and still get caught?

Another time I was aboard a flight to South Africa and two seatss behind sat an old fraternity brother.  While in Rome, Italy, I saw a fellow I played golf with in Alabama.  Now that I think about it, I'm glad I never put myself in an uncompromising position anywhere on this planet.  Gee, it's great to be as pure as the driven snow. (No comments, please)

Now please understand, all the incidences I referred to happened at least thirty years ago.  So way back then I realized what a small world we lived in, but today it's miniscule.  With current technology, I can turn my computer on and find a location any place on this earth; an even see the cars driving by.  I can talk to or see anyone on this planet who also has a computer with comparable software.  Viewing real time traffic in Oslo--no problem.  Wondering about real time weather in Bora Bora--no problem.  Discovering if your daughter's neighbor in Madrid is a sex offender--no problem.  One little chip and you're connected to the world.

Kinda scarey, huh?  If you think "Big Brother" is watching you now...just wait for the near future.

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