Friday, September 30, 2011


OK, OK  for those who know me well, my being confused is not exactly a news flash.  As my dad used to say about ten times a day, "Boy, you ain't right."  Well, things haven't changed and I'm sure my dad, mom, brothers and sisters sitting or standing or in some form of repose (what do they do in heaven?) are up there looking down at me and still shaking their heads.

Many people, throughout the course of my stay on this planet, for no better reason than to explain my actions, have called me complicated.  "Oh, yes, Ed, well, you can't really say he' exactly crazy or, er...stupid, I mean he did graduate elementary school - twice.   He's certainly not sophisticated or well-rounded...well, except for his shoulders.  I guess you could call him a loyal friend, but his loyalty kind of borders on infringement.  He really doesn't shine in any certain activities; in fact I can't think of any outstanding qualities about him--let' just say he's...hmm, what's the word that won't hurt his feeling?  I got it, complicated.

Yeah, thanks a lot.  Even I can see through that one.  My niece, when seven-- her not me -- asked me if I was complicated.  Before answering, I asked "Who said I was?"  She replied, "Everyone."  This did not help my ego.  It did not bolster my self-esteem.  I don't think I'm complicated, but I am confused.  You may ask what confuses me.  I wouldn't dream of  running down my whole list, but to satisfy your curiosity, let me throw out a few tidbits.  Notice how I turned the onus on you and rid myself of responsibility?  Since you asked, I'll tell you -- a basic type of switcheroo.  This way I'm not forcing you to read on; you asked for it.

I got an email yesterday morning about "Being tired."  It was attributed to Bill Cosby and supposedly he's tired of people not working, Muslims who are killing innocent people yet proposing Islam is a religion of peace and brotherhood, distributing wealth from the rich to the poor, entertainers and sports figures making gobs of money and still complaining, etc.

Yesterday afternoon I received a second email with the same text, but this one was attributed to Robert Hall.  There was a guy with the same name at myhigh school  He supposedly ran off with one of the teachers.  I think she taught sex education.  The only other Robert Hall I remember was a name on a chain of men's stores.  So we have Cosby vs. Hall.  I'm confused.

In various denominations preaching the word of God, why do we have black churches and white churches?  I'm confused.

Why do we have a Congress that has to rush into special sessions to vote for money to keep our government operating.  This is a fundamental responsibility of Congress.  This is A of the A,B,Cs.  While on the subject of Congress, why are we voting in so many criminals, men of low morals, and lawyers.  The way I look at it, lawyers direct the flow of this country.  They make the laws, enforce the law by prosecution, judge outcomes and if you are passionate enough and have untold bucks to take your case to the Supreme Court, guess who you're pleading your case to? 

Our forefathers intended citizens to serve Congress for a short period and then go back home to tend their crops, shoe the horses, still some whiskey, whatever.  The problem was a lot of these guys were students of law.  Through the last two centuries our lawyers have converted Congress into small kingdoms over witch they reign.  They are not subject to the same laws we are.  They enjoy special privileges  past czars would have loved.  Inside the beltway around our capitol, life is not the same.  These clowns don't work for the people; their motivation is self promotion.  If something gets done that actually helps the populous, it's because it benefitted some politician.  If you haven't already guessed, I'm in favor of term limits.  Why did we let this happen?  I'm confused.

Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle?  Why is the third hand on a watch called the second hand?  I'm confused.

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