Sunday, October 23, 2011


Yikes, please help me.  I'm more confused than ever.  It's about this global thinking thing.  As I understand it, the global economy means a world wide network with unrestricted movement of capital, goods, services and labor.  It seems to me, since we shifted our focus from our country's finances, productivity, civil rights, trade, etc. to the international stage, things haven't been going so well for our citizens.  Our government has directed us toward global interest and our so called economists do the same.  Am I being ultra patriotic to think our government should pay a little more attention to our national interests?  Is global thinking non-patriotic?  Is it OK to root for America to regain the stability it once enjoyed at home and its status internationally?  Am I a traitor for thinking globally or a traitor thinking nationally?  The Olympic Games are on the horizon; is it OK to shout U-S-A?

Our strategy to join with other nations, most of whom are somewhat dependent on us anyway, to upgrade the world seems to me to be diluting our strengths at home.  Are we actually helping other counties while asking our citizens to make sacrifices on our own terra firma?  The globalists say that may be true, but it's a temporary condition and the world will be a better place in the long run.  I'm beginning to question if this country will even be around in the long run.  What is the long run--when all people sing in perfect harmony and everyone drinks Coke?

Mentioning the Olympics brought to mind China with its billion (that starts with a B) residents.  The Great Dragon's tail was dragging, but now is wagging.  They are purported to be the next super power.  The United States of America is now borrowing money from them to bail out our financial gurus.  These same Wizards of Wall Street and Corporate America sent our nation's jobs over the Great Wall so they could make a little more profit.  Congress abetted them by passing laws like NAFTA.  Of course we all know who runs those 535 jokers on the Hill.  So the toys we loved are now being manufactured in China, not here.  Guess what?  While we suffer high unemployment, our government is now telling us these toys are not safe.  Hmm.  Is this a nightmare I'm experiencing or is this for real?

How about our textile industry?  Oh, never mind, we don't have one anymore.

Yes, let's think globally.  Look at foreign aid.  Could it possibly be time to restructure that policy?  We give aid to people who hate us.  We also give aid to their enemies so some balance exists that might eliminate conflict.  It's really helping in the Middle East where people are being killed daily.  Look at the money we've given to starving people around our globe that goes to some dictator's coffers, while the deaths pile up.  I guess the argument for global thinking could make a case, I think.  I don't get it, but I'm just a simple citizen.  I can't help wonder what some of this money would do to help modernize our infrastructure or eradicate poverty or improve our educational system.  Will it happen?  Not with our current circus of lawmakers.

So I have this conundrum, globalism versus nationalism.  Which seems more patriotic?  I looked up the word patriotism and it's defined this way - "love or devotion for one's country."  Then I consulted Mr. Webster once again and looked up the word nationalism.  Here's the definition--"loyalty and devotion to a nation; especially : a sense of national consciousness exalting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of its culture and interests as opposed to those of other nations or supranational groups."  Nationalism took on a pretty bad connotation because of Nazi Germany, but that kind of nationalism was to a degree of lunacy.

OK, so I love my country, but my government is telling me to think more globally.  It's rather difficult watching big business send jobs overseas so their shareholders can make a few more bucks, while unemployment is killing our country.  So am I unpatriotic to want a little nationalism?  This introduces a whole new set of questions and the main one is this - to be a patriot should one be devoted to one's country or one's government?  We pledge allegiance to our flag which represents our country and its constitution, not its government.  To answer these types of questions, I often refer back to history, especially American history.  How would our forefathers respond?

Well, ole' Tom Jefferson would probably retort with something like this.  "Are you crazy, knucklehead?  What the hell do you think we're revolting against?  Why are our citizens dying in a war against those tax-happy Redcoats?  We're trying to rid ourselves of a government of monarchy and form a new government, a perfect union for the people and by the people.  We are loyal to our country and hopefully our new government.  However, when government doesn't abide by the rules of our constitution, revolt may be necessary, you jerk."

Jeez, Mr. Jefferson, I was only asking.  So I guess that question was a no-brainer.  I wish our Congress would read the Constitution of the United States of America.  I don't remember anything in it about global thinking.

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