Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Home

Well, here it is...the new shack about two weeks ago. That's me sitting on what will be the partially covered patio. That is if the money holds out. The project is moving along rapidly, more quickly than we ever expected. The sun room, to the immediate left of me, is yet to be framed and roofed. We're waiting for the therapy pool to arrive before we can enclose the room. The turret roof on the tower (extreme left) was finished since this picture was taken. This shot is the rear of the house taken from the water's edge.

The three windows in the topless tower are in my new office. Gal Friday's office is above mine, but no windows. When she's in her office, I want her working, not sitting idly by looking at the beautiful sight of the Albemarle Sound. Bah humbug!

Please notice the "Carolina Blue" sky. All University of North Carolina fans insist their school must be the best, otherwise, they ask, why did God make the sky "Carolina Blue." Duke fans have tried all kinds of skulduggery to transform the sky to a darker shade, but it just ain't happenin'.
The view below shows the water from the kitchen and the missing glassed-in sun room. I forgot to take a photo of the front of the house. Truthfully, I'm not positive there is a front to the house. I gallantly tried my best to direct the design/builder's focus on the back where I'll be spending all my time.

Our regulation size (10' wide by 60' long) bocce ball court will be constructed at the rear of our shack. We hope to get a neighborhood league going and the only fee charged will be beer. Gal Friday is contesting this arrangement, but I'm stubbornly holding out. It's like a labor vs. management dispute with Gal Friday obviously representing management. They usually win, don't they? Hell, we'll probably end up supplying and serving wine, if not more stimulating libations.

Despite my initial objections, we are installing an elevator which enables me access to the second floor. I had no reason to go to the second floor. The second floor is where Gal Friday's office sits and I knew going to her office would somehow transform into work for moi. Besides, the cost of the elevator wiped out Ed's playroom over the garage. She changed my "no" vote into a "yes" by explaining this contraption would allow me to get to the guest bedrooms and read to my grandkids at bedtime. I retaliated with, "I can read to them downstairs before bedtime." I thought this a lucid retort. Then she delivered the clincher. "But, Sweetheart, this will let you say prayers with your grandchildren when they're in bed." How can you fight that? That's why she's management.

Speaking of grandchildren, mine are, of course, above average. Every grandparent feels the same. We had the pleasure of spending Thanksgiving with them. Oh yeah, I think their parents were around too. Those two boys and two girls light up any room including that special room in my heart. Part of the reason for building the new house is to be closer to all the kids- including my two girls and their husbands, who are still kids at heart. Next Thanksgiving we hope to have them all celebrating at the new homestead.

When we bought this property, I had envisioned building a fishing shack suitable for my wheelchair. This image has been torpedoed. The reality reminds me of a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly and while the butterfly is definitely prettier, like most beautiful objects, much more expensive. I'll be mailing out donation requests soon.

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  1. This is absolutely fantastic and beautiful! I loved reading your contemplation's about the development,progress and logic behind the process of this endeavor.

    I find the term of 'Gal Friday' rather amusing and love how you recognize that she is management.

    So pleased to hear you had such a nice Thanksgiving. Take care, much love & hugs, Alisa