Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Not lonely here

Did you ever feel lonely?  (Sounds like a country and western song.)  Did you ever sit by yourself, maybe watching the rain splatter against the window, or all alone in a near empty airport late at night with nothing to do but feel the heavy press of loneliness engulf your soul?  Have you said good by to all the family and friends after a joyous occasion at your home and as the last person shuts the door; you stand alone and a sudden pang of loneliness clutches at your heart?  Have you?  How about when you're alone taking the Christmas tree down, storing all the lights and accessories then you look at the emptiness?  Does a melancholic loneliness grab at you?  Does it?  Sometimes I hear people talk about being lonely in a crowd, in a bed sleeping beside a partner, in the forest, or on a beach.  There are so many instances loneliness can capture your very being...but not mine. 

Loneliness has chased me around the world, nipping, swiping, but it never caught me and never will.  How have I successfully avoided this dreaded emotion?  The answer is simple -  great memories.  I retain countless memories of love, joy, family and friends.  Even bad memories allow you to elude loneliness and thank God, I don't have many of those..  I'm not pretending I didn't do some bad things, even real stupid things, but I usually had a tremendous amount of fun doing them.  Those memories sometimes make me laugh out loud.  (Yes, I've received some questioning stares.)  I have been blessed with a life filled with love ranging from tenderly warm to passionately intense.  I've experienced more joy than any one person deserves.

My reminiscences aren't always about the highs in my life, a few relate to the lows.  One thing the lows make me mindful of is why I nurture my faith.  When I had hit my nadir, the Lord has always sent someone to see me through, lift me up.  That's why I accept my faith, not question it.  Great stuff, huh?  And that is the reason loneliness is just a word to me, not a feeling.

Have a wonderful 2012...I know I will because I'm setting my goals on making great new memories. 


  1. Love your Blog, I too have mmd1.

    where can i find your books please?

  2. Dear AL,
    Sorry to hear about your disease. I'm glad you are enjoying my blog. I'm still working on getting my novels published. Happy New Year, good luck and stay positive.