Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Mirror

My whole life I believed the mirror didn't lie.  No matter how you wanted to look, you gazed in the mirror and the reflection hit you with stark reality.  I placed faith in the mirror.  Whatever your goal in life, only you knew if you gave it one hundred percent.  Regardless of success or failure, if you satisfied the face in the mirror by doing the best you could do, you could be proud of yourself.  No matter what other people thought or said, the reflection in the mirror knew the truth and if that image was happy, you could be happy.  We are our own biggest critics because we are the only ones who know the whole truth about our motives, ambitions and levels of effort.  The mirror is the fact check of your life. 

One day last week I rolled up to a mirror and reluctantly stared in.  I yearned to know what the guy peering back thought of me.  He wasn't smiling.  I'm not explaining why because my computer doesn't have enough memory.  I did notice one important element though.  My right side was reflected as my left and the left side as right.  What did this mean?  Even the mirror gives you a skewed version of the truth.   Maybe this means sometimes we lie even to ourselves.   As you age, life gets more complicated.

As children we were taught to be compliant, to conform to natural and man-made laws as well as society's civil niceties.  I didn't totally buy into the concept.  I thought being a little different was cool.  I guess I was born, not a rebel, but a little more independent than most.  Today this mode of thinking is rearing its head with things like thinking outside the box or coloring outside the lines.  My philosophy is being a weed. 

According to Mr. Webster a weed is a "plant that is not valued where it is growing and is usually of vigorous growth."  It doesn't describe a weed as evil or any kind of deterrent, it's just out of place.  Being incongruent isn't always bad.  Many historical leaders, inventors and scientists were a little different and vigorously so.  This individualism made a difference.  It formed the greatest country so far.  I've been a weed at times simply because I chose the wrong patch to grow in.  I didn't fit in with the major crop.  I wasn't bad or underachieving; I was an apple in an orange grove, a rose amongst buttercups.  It took me a long time to discover my proper field. but I did--did you?  If not, do so because life is more fun in the right acreage.

Keep smiling!

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