Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Why?  Why in God's name doesn't the NFL have sense enough to rid itself the embarrassment of the Pro Bowl?  I mean, come on folks!  I watched the initial three plays this year and bolted for my remote.  The players get paid and also take advantage of an expense-paid, week-long vacation for their families.   The owners collect money and a trip to Hawaii with family and friends.  Advertising companies reap in millions.  The NFL rakes in and TV can't count the money fast enough.  But what about the fans?

Can you imagine all the die-hard fans who scrape up enough cash to fly over to our state of paradise, book hotel rooms, rent cars, dine out, shuck out the price of a ticket to watch multi-million dollar superstars do their thing and then be spit in their faces by the NFL?  Hell, if I lived next door to the stadium and had a free pass, it still wouldn't be worth the walk.

The ratings for the game keep plummeting and the "experts" wonder why.  The reason we are fans is because football is a sport which glorifies altheleticism, intelligence,  toughness, and competition.  Unlike ping pong or badminton, football identifies with some feral instinct in our basic DNA make-up.  We love the hard hits.  We love watching 240 pound running backs trying to evade being slammed to the turf by 320 pound defensive linemen.  We are thrilled as the quarterback takes his three step drop and frantically whips the pigskin airborne before 900 pounds of raging mankind buries him into freshly mowed ground.  On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays our anxiety builds.   We joyously turn our TV sets on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays to sate our football fix.

Between the Championship Series and the Super Bowl we have a week of no pro football.  Thus we have the Pro Bowl.  Let's face it, the NFL can't allow a whole week of its season to pass without making millions.  But my statement stands--we still have a week of no pro football.  You can't call this glitzy extravaganza that takes place in Hawaii professional football.  Because you wear a helmet and shoulder pads doesn't mean you play football.  I saw better football in Pop Warner.  I saw better hitting in flag football.

Did you ever see a "walk through" practice when the team walked through their plays?  If so, you have witnessed the same action as so marvelously displayed at the Pro Bowl.  Have these millionaires no shame, no sense of pride?  For this day, they should trade their pads for ballet slippers and matching tutus.  Two things that may kill professional football--overexposure and the Pro Bowl.  If the league is smart, the Pro Bowl won't be around much longer.

The NFC and the AFC have 21 wins apiece.  Surprise, surprise.  I wonder what the Vegas gurus will demand next year.




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